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DNSSEC is gathering momentum with the latest news from Afilias

On July 15, 2010, after years of research and development, ICANN, VeriSign and the NTIA officially signed the root zone trust anchor with keys. For the first time ever, a signed root zone made it possible to validate a completed DNS query from an end-user’s computer all the way to the root of the DNS. Domain name system security extension (DNSSEC) has now entered its next stage: adoption.

DNSSEC is a priority for Afilias, the registry operator for .INFO. On September 9, Afilias announced that it has signed the .INFO zone with DNSSEC, marking the beginning of our Project Safeguard initiative to rollout DNSSEC across our registry platforms.

This is also an important milestone for DNSSEC, as .INFO is the 7th largest top-level domain in the world and has over 6.5 million registrations and millions of live sites. It is important to secure .INFO so that soon owners of .INFO websites and their visitors, can have a more secure and trusted experience on the Web.

Afilias has always been a leader in providing secure and reliable registry services. DNSSEC is the next step in ensuring that the Internet is a secure and trusted channel for communication and information distribution.

With the zone signed, INFO domain owners will eventually be able to generate keys and sign their zones through participating registrars. Afilias’ Project Safeguard will offer registrar training initiatives to address technical issues concerning implementation of DNSSEC in registrar-registry transactions.

DNSSEC will only be truly effective when it is broadly implemented across the Internet. We look forward to working with our registrars to move DNSSEC adoption forward so that consumers can benefit from enhanced DNS Security as soon as possible.

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Monday, September 20, 2010